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Listen to our three finalists and then come cheer them on during the "Are You Local?" showcase, Fri., Mar. 2 at First Avenue.
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Band Name:  The Japhies
Song Title:  Cold Hard Steel
Description:  The Japhies pick up where classic rock radio has left us, wondering what has happened to the authenticity of rock bands. Difficult to describe but undeniable when witnessed live, The Japhies have revived the corpse of rock and roll, bringing a visceral, raw energy to live performances as well as dynamic songwriting, reminding fans that it's okay to turn it up to 11.
Their music, performances and persona have inspired a
wide array of classifications. But possibly the best description of The Japhies has come from Ciaran Daly of The Idle Hands, a staple band of the Minneapolis rock scene, after experiencing a live show: "The Japhies were decanted from a test tube of Iggy Pop's semen mixed with the accumulated DNA of the 80s sunset strip.
The reputational success of their self-released six-song EP in March 2011 afforded The Japhies an opportunity to flex their DIY muscles. The summer saw them relentlessly booking, promoting and performing over 50 shows across five states, all without external assistance from agents or promoters. Worth noting as well, The Japhies never lost money while on tour. Always diligent, obsessed with their craft, The Japhies are currently secluded in a remote rehearsal studio in the bowels of Minneapolis writing, practicing and perfecting new material for their highly-anticipated full-length album due out early 2012.
Band Site:
City:  Minneapolis
User Comment
stop Dude, I totally know that brick wall! I hang tough in front of it all the time!
Tue, Feb 14 2012 1:19 AM
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